Journey Jotter Books and Travel Industry Professionals—The Perfect Team!

In the travel industry, customer service is your calling card; building trust and rapport with your clients is key. How do you thank the families you serve for entrusting their travel experience to you? How do you communicate that you are not only looking out for their interests before they depart, but have also thought ahead to what will bring their family joyful, meaningful moments each day of their travel? I’m an educator, a mom, and the creator of Journey Jotter Books, and I’d love to introduce you to the client gift that will signal both your appreciation, and your commitment to meaningful travel!

Journey Jotter Books are specialized travel activity journals ideal for kids ages 8 and up. Rather than serving up uninspiring lined pages, or dime-a-dozen word searches, these travel journals are designed to engage kids in every step of their travel, and draw upon their creativity and critical thinking skills to make lasting memories and to entertain. For a brief introduction to the Journey Jotter brand, check out this 2019 appearance on the Family Travel Radio podcast!

Ready for Travel Anywhere

Every book starts with a foundational “Essentials” Chapter, which includes twelve activities that apply to any kind of travel, anywhere. At $15 each, the Essentials Journey Jotter is an excellent item to have on hand for rounding out a gift basket with a thoughtful touch!

Added Chapters Match Traveler Interests & Destination

Include one of more themed chapters ($2 each) in a Journey Jotter Book to reflect the personality and travel plans of your clients. Each chapter includes three activities, except for The Daytripper, which offers four identical ones. Learn more about what each of these chapters can add to a Journey Jotter Book:

  • The Naturalist
  • The Observer
  • The Curator
  • The Writer
  • The Designer
  • The Anthropologist
  • The Engineer
  • The Collaborator
  • The Seeker
  • The Daytripper

Choice of Cover Designs

Choose from four cover designs, each with optional personalization including a child’s name and the year of travel. Or, for easy bulk ordering, cover designs are also available with a blank space for your clients to personalize themselves.

Complimentary Branding

Turn the inside front cover of each Journey Jotter Book into a branding opportunity, with the option to include your logo and a brief message from your company.

Journey Jotter Books are hand-crafted to order at their normal retail value here on the main site, but this special pricing and branding opportunity above is available to travel industry insiders, along with free shipping on orders of $60 or more (before any applicable taxes), and an additional bulk-order 10% discount for orders of 10+ books. Let Journey Jotter Books help your brand to shine! Wondering which chapters to choose or how to get started? Reach out to or use this form to get started! Thank you for your time, and all you do to help families experience the gift of travel!